Note: I am a native speaker and this refers to based mostly on experience with a grain from opinion

Note: I am a native speaker and this refers to based mostly on experience with a grain from opinion

From area so you can region, there was variations in incorporate and you can definition. I can accept that i do not know every one of these around, especially those found in Central America, the new Philippines and you can Equatorial Guinea, however, my personal experience with exactly what this type of words imply as well as how they are utilized manage connect with almost every other countries to some degree.

  • Bonita: very
  • Linda: fairly (popular inside the Latin The united states yet not during the The country of spain)
  • Hermosa: beautiful
  • Bella: very (ranging from bonita and you may hermosa)
  • Guapa: good looking (a good looking boy might be titled “guapo”)

Are you and come up with an accompany or are you currently conversing with their members of the family on the the woman? Social status, country, etc., most of the cause for so you can term selection. Merely tune in to individuals close to you. Upcoming was some words and observe the responses. 🙂

Guapa (otherwise guapo): Mostly always point out that people features a lovely deal with. Here is the popular term having such things. It doesn’t state some thing concerning rest of the muscles. Certain young adults might also make use of it to mention so you’re able to cool facts or things, but it is slang.

Bonita (otherwise bonito, maybe not popular for men): Put for people and you may items. Gorgeous. It is sometimes better not to use so it term which have an excellent girl due to the fact she might think you’re treating her as the an enthusiastic target.

Hermosa (hermoso): Breathtaking deal with and the entire body. Years ago it was always point out that people looked fit, perhaps not narrow, having a beneficial skin color. However, today, many people use it so you can imply slightly fat. That it difference in use makes it a keyword that would be misunderstood.

It all depends into so many some thing

Bella: Gorgeous deal with and/otherwise human body. Not very well-known into the Spain, erica. It may sound old fashioned. Bello is only used for things.

I am able to look for a number of great solutions have been printed, but i have a few what things to add of my personal observations. Keep in mind I am not saying an indigenous speaker off Foreign language.

It is hard to help you about what of these in order to use

Bonita: Common, all-goal name getting “pretty” (and frequently “beautiful”). Since good example, the movie Very Woman are interpreted for the Foreign language as the Mujer bonita. Although there are numerous style of beauty, which term is apparently discussing an excellent woman’s outward looks, especially if she’s narrow and you may elegant. The phrase itself is in reality a beneficial diminutive off “buena.”

Linda: We select that it translated a great deal while the “adorable,” either “quite.” Appears to be a word chosen for women who will be thin, has a nice, brush search on the subject, and you may are apt to have sensitive and painful has actually.

Hermosa: Arises from the new Latin word formosus which means “breathtaking,” “good looking.” That it phrase is often always determine one thing other than some one, such as for example shores, opinions, fountains, and you will waterfalls, that renders experience due to the fact one of their meanings is also “peaceful,” and “peaceful.” When it is regularly describe a woman, but not, it appears to be since if it might be used for those people who’ve besides an external charm, however, an internal charm too. Moreover it appears that it phrase can be used to spell it out all brand of people and not only those who are model narrow.

Guapa: Usually simply interpreted as “good-searching,” however, We experience there’s a great deal more to it than just one to. I am unable to feel very sure about it, however it looks as if so it phrase is used, frequently (when it is paired with “chica”), to explain someone who is a bit a whole lot more curvy, voluptuous, and/or sensual than very or at least person who, compared to anyone else, was quicker big, more pleasurable, and you can likes to have a good time. If it is paired with “mujer,” while doing so, I have the feeling one to their definition leans more with the “handsome” like in an excellent “handsome girl.” (I after searched for “handsome lady” to the Reverso and you may try pleasantly surprised you to definitely my findings away from a great Bing visualize research corresponded with its translations – “mujer guapa” ‘s the very first interpretation noted.) Like with “bonita” and you may “linda,” it seems to be a keyword one describes an excellent woman’s external physical appearance. This is not the phrase you might choose, instance, to spell it out a beneficial woman’s “gorgeous head.”


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